Some Facts On Jamaica.

Many vacationers break up the harsh winter by visiting Jamaica during wintry months. In fact this is the period when Jamaica and for most part the entire Caribbean island experience what tourism industry calls bumper tourist season. Jamaica situated in the western Caribbean, is one of the leading Caribbean get-a-way destinations and in recent times has been experience strong arrivals even during traditional slow periods. 

Jamaica has a coastline of 460 miles with a good balance of cliffs, rugged edges and of course white sandy beaches. The better beaches are located on the northern coastline and as you can imagine this is where most to the tourists’ activities are. However, there are some visitors who are long passed white sandy beaches and opting to see more greenery, staying at Eco-friendly resorts with lush green garden setting. 

The island has plenty of fresh water springs, in facts there are about 120 of them. They come in all sizes with a few forming some of the better known waterfalls in Caribbean, namely Dunn’s River Fall, Blue Hole, Reach Falls and YS Falls. Jamaica is very mountainous with two third of land covered with limestone (karst). The many sinkholes, caves and cavern, the hummocky hills and red soil in some places give compelling evidence that Jamaica is a limestone island. 

Jamaica has a lot to offer. It is home to some very famous things and people that have significant impact on the world. The Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the best in the world. Jamaica is home to reggae music and the creator of the Rastafari religion. It has made jerk chicken famous and people from all walk of life cannot get over the juicy beef patties. However, one of the most striking thing about Jamaica is the people, a people who are warm, pleasing and keep saying ‘no problem mon’ even when there are many problems to deal with.