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Should I exchange USD into the local Jamaican Currency?

It is better to keep most of your money in USD rather than local Jamaican currency while on vacation on the island. There is a bureau d change at the Sangster international airport that seems to be soliciting visitors to have their money exchange into the local currency.  While Jamaica has its own currency ‘Jamaican Dollar’ most prices are quoted in USD and all the various operators would prefer to be paid with the green back

The fact is all businesses that are gear towards tourist do have their prices quote in USD and if you decide to pay with Jamaican Dollar they will quote you a rate which is close to or even slightly higher than the established rate for the day. On the other hand bureau de change offers inferior rates to make a profit. Consequently at the sales point (stores, restaurant etc.) when the conversion is made you will then suddenly realize that money was lost.

Will it rain while we are on vacation?
Unless there is a significant disturbance in the atmosphere one should not read too much into the Jamaican weather report. The island is very mountainous, which makes weather prediction difficult. Scattered showers are very frequent mainly in the afternoon during the rainy season which runs from April to October. Here is our best analogy of the Jamaican weather, ‘sunny in the morning and 40% chance of rain in the afternoon’.

Is The Blue Hole better than Dunn's River Falls at the moment?

Dunns River Falls is Jamaica premier tourist attraction. The falls are majestic and the grounds are impeccable with easy accessibility. However, only issue with Dunn’s River is that they have forgotten about the patrons both management and regular staff have lost their warmth to the USD. They have forgotten that it’s the people who made Jamaica into what it is and not necessarily the attractions.
Is Duty Free Actually Saves Money?

On the other hand there is the Blue Hole situated just outside of Ocho Rios is a gem that is waiting to be discovered by you.  It is not yet become a tourist trap although it will be as soon as the government steps in and remove the locals who operate from there.

Buying at the local supermarket the things that are available is certainly the most economical way to go. Although the stores in Jamaica say duty free it is kind of a misnomer. Things like Jamaican rum, coffee, spices should be bought in the supermarket in order to get the best prices.

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