Negril Mineral Spring (Blue Hole)

There are many reasons to visit Negril, Jamaica.  Some come for fun and excitement and others to relax and unwind.  While there are a variety of attractions for the more adventurous, there are also many ways to rejuvenate for those wanting to slow down and restore.  The Blue Hole Mineral Spring is a most excellent example.

The Blue Hole Mineral Spring is located about 30 minutes southeast of Negril and is frequented by visitors and local islanders alike.  This particular spring is burrowed under a cavernous opening in the Jamaican terrain.  It is also fully encased by a type of limestone known as Karst, which consists of minerals found in limestone that serve as a filter for underground water.  The filtering process results in a natural bath of minerals for people to soak in and enjoy. 
Many refer to the Blue Hole Mineral Spring as a “fountain of youth” because of the medicinal and healing properties possessed by the water. For example, people with arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and other joint aches and pains have noted significant and quick relief of pain and discomfort. The mineral pool is also excellent for the skin as it removes impurities.  Visitors can apply some mineralized clay from the surrounding stone for a healing skin treatment once in the water.

How do you get into the Blue Hole Mineral Spring?  Visitors are able to jump 22 feet off the edge into the hole or climb down using the ladder to swim and bathe in the water.  For those who cannot jump or climb down, water has been pumped up into the swimming pool on the surface of the property.

For your safety, there are lifeguards and locals on staff to assist visitors.  They contribute to the element of fun and excitement by diving and jumping in from edge or from elevated platforms and trees! They are extremely skilled. 

The cost to  jump or bathe in the Blue Hole Mineral Spring is $10, a small investment considering all the benefits reaped.  The Blue Hole also features an onsite bar where cold and refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served, a grill, cabanas and a volleyball court.  There are also restroom facilities for added convenience and several activities geared toward older children and teenagers. People of all ages will benefit from the mineral spring bath, however as children often get bored, the activities certainly make the trip more enjoyable for the parents.

Overall, the Blue Hole Mineral Spring makes for a very nurturing and relaxing experience.  For more information, contact us at
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