Best Jamaica Excursions

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Ocho Rios and its surroundings have some of best excursions on the island. Blessed with myriads of rivers, Ocho Rios has many fresh water activities to offer. The name of Ocho Rios is from the Spanish Language which means eight rivers. While Ocho Rios doesn’t have eight rivers, it surely has more than its fair share.

One of Jamaica’s main tourist attractions is Dunn's River Falls which is located just 2 miles outside of the town center. This is recognized internationally as one of the best excursions on the island, and rightly so. It is striking and blessed with aesthetics that boggle the mind. It is also one of the few waterfalls in the world that empties directly into the sea. It even has the distinction of one of the few around the world that allows climbing of such a great distance (approx. 600 feet).

Shaw Park Gardens is perched on a hill about 900 feet above sea level overlooking Ocho Rios. It boasts some 600 species of plants, many of them native to the island. In the midst of this 25 acre botanical garden is a natural majestic waterfall. It cascades down endlessly with elegance, splendor and beauty while washing over the rocks.  A visit to this garden is not just therapeutic but heavenly for the senses.

The Blue Hole (Secret Falls) is already shaping up to be the next big thing in Jamaica. This is one of those attractions that is off the beaten path, yet so beautiful you wonder why. It allows climbing down the falls, rope swings and jump, dives, and swimming. It also boasts a cave. Unlike Dunn's River where many people are assigned to a guide, at the Blue Hole (Secret Falls) it is personal.

If you enjoy the water and would love to get away from the more touristy spots the Blue Hole is a great choice. In fact, it is presently and surely one of the Best Jamaica excursions.