Black River Safari Tour

Discover the beauty of Jamaica’s South Coast with a boat tour up Black River.
Here, the waterfalls and wetlands offer a natural atmosphere for adventure, learning and relaxation

The Town of Black River is the capital of St. Elizabeth Parish and was named after the river which seems black due to the type of soil that makes up the river bed. However, a closer examination reveals the water is actually crystal clear. This is a rather popular site for ecological tours because of the swamplands and rivers which flow through the area.  The river itself is one of the longest navigable rivers in Jamaica and meanders through one of the largest wetland wildlife habitats in the Caribbean, the Black River Lower Morass.

Safari tours of the Black River are conducted by captains and guides that offer information on the ecology and historical background of the river and surrounding areas.  The area is rich with wildlife, including over 100 species of birds in the Black River Morass, many of which are seen on the tour.  This is also the home of the endangered American crocodile, which is also frequently spotted on the journey up the river.  In addition, the vegetation of the wetland is stunning and of special interest.
If you are traveling to Jamaica, a Black River Safari Tour is an absolute must.  This area is an infrequent tourist destination and is somewhat of a hidden gem.  The Black River and its surrounding areas offer you a local feel and allow you to experience Jamaica in its most natural environment.  Contact us at for more information or to schedule a tour of an unforgettable experience.  We know Jamaica Best.