Ocho Rios The Complete Resort Town of Jamaica

The resort town of Ocho Rios on the northern coast of Jamaica close to Discovery Bay the place where it is said that Christopher Columbus firs landed was once a small fishing village. The the words ‘ Ocho Rios ‘mean eight  which was directly influence by  the heavy concentration of Spaniards  during the early years. However it could be considered a misnomer because the resort town of Ocho Rios does not have eight rivers.
Today this resort town is a far cry from a small fishing village. It boasts some of the biggest name hotels in Jamaica and the Caribbean by extension complimented by some of the better known attractions in Jamaica. Most famous of them all is the Dunn’s River falls; it is certainly Jamaica’s premier tourist attractions with thousands of visitors climbing the falls every day.  Ocho Rios provides a wide array of activities, there is always something for everyone. Swimming with dolphins is another which hundreds of visitors enjoy on a daily basis. Also at this resort town one can go horse-back riding up a country trail, along the beach and also having the horse take a swim into the warm Caribbean Sea while one is still in saddle.  ATV safari rides, river tubing, Canopying, bobsled in the mountains where you will find yourself twisting down the mountainside aboard a bobsled adventure or soar 700 feet above the rainforest riding the rainforest Sky Explorer chair lift tour.

If all those are not enough, one can take a tour to the birthplace which is also the final resting place of reggae king Bob Marley.  The reggae legend was born about 30 miles from Ocho Rios in a small village called Nine Mile. There is something magical about this place as one cannot help but feel the natural mystic in the air.  Even the casual Marley fan will be struck by the feeling of his presence on the tour walking through the beautiful mausoleum, Bob’s final resting place.

When the sun goes down in the evenings Ocho Rios comes alive. There is a vibrant nightlife and of course some very good restaurants. Unfortunately many visitors hopped to stay at all-inclusive resorts and hardly venture outside the gates. However, the real Ocho Rios cannot be felt inside the resorts but instead it is the feel one gets when mix and mingle with the locals. It is the sight and sounds of the busy streets, the taste and smell of authentic Jamaican food. It is about seeing people going about their everyday life nonchalantly in the true Jamaican way which embodies what many people here on the island respond with “no problem man”.