The resort town of Negril in Jamaica is certainly one of those places that is a must visit if you are on the island. Situated on the western end of Jamaica, Negril has grown over the years from a place of obscurity where hippies used to camp and enjoy freedom to its present form, a thriving laid back tourist destination.  Negril can be divided into two sections, the 7 mile beach and the cliffs area which is better known as Westend.

Negril is most noted for its 7 mile white sand beach which adorns the cover of many travel magazines. The crystal clear blue water which caresses the white powder-like sandy shore line attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year.  There are many large hotels, inns and villas that are situated on this strip of magnificent beauty. The prices here are normally higher but there is nothing that could compare to waking up to the sound of waves rushing to the shore.

The other side of Negril ‘Westend’ where the cliffs are is very popular as well. There are many villas, cottages, guest houses, bars and restaurants that are perched along these cliffs. The view of the Caribbean Sea from her is just gorgeous and the water underneath is blue and deep which is especially attractive for the brave who likes to take a plunge from high.

The most noted place on the west end of Negril is the legendary Ricks Café. Since its inception in 1974, it is arguable the most famous place in Negril. It is actually a bar that sits on a cliff were frolickers jump off the cliff into the deep azure water below. This is a daily activity which starts around 4:30pm. Viewing the sunset from Negril is also one of the must do things while visiting Jamaica. It is a captivating feeling to watch the sun cools down into the Caribbean Sea after a long hot dry day.