Sailing on the highways of the open seas is a fascinating thing to do. It is almost everyone’s dream to take a cruise and it is a worthwhile one as well.  Cruising is an incredibly easy and smart way to vacation. Visiting many ports of call during a voyage is very exciting yet educational; there is nothing that can compare to the expectation of what is to come beyond the horizons. 

The big cruise ships are like floating cities or even to a lesser extent hotel s that move over the open seas. There should be no bored days on a cruise liner because all the basic amenities are in place and in reach. It doesn't matter if you are a naturalist, historian, gambler, sport enthusiast and of course party people just to name a few.  Some ships that are family orientated have in place baby nursery and even kids day camp.

Ships vary widely in terms of amenities, service, and itineraries, as well as the age and the socioeconomic profile of the passengers. If you read the brochure, you obviously can get a clear fix on the itinerary, the layout of the ship, a list of activities, and the size of the cabins, but the brochures never tell you about your fellow passengers although quite obviously expensive cruises are paid for by people who can afford them. But is the cruise geared towards singles, families, people from certain parts of the country and international clientele.  A party crowd, a good rule of thumb is that longer, more expensive cruises tend to attract an older and more affluent crowd. On the other hand shorter, less pricey cruises appeal to younger people, singles and families. Whatever socioeconomic profile you fit in, do your research and go on a cruise, you will be happy you did.