A Negril vacation could be the break one needs during a long hard winter or anytime that the body, mind and soul are lacking vivacity. This Jamaican tourist destination has risen meteorically from obscurity to fame within the last thirty years quite astonishingly. Situated on the western tip of the island, this vacation hub has natural exquisite attractions coupled with modern amenities to keep the most fastidious vacationer satisfied.

A vacation to this destination is more than sun and beach. Also known as the Capital of Casual this is a kick off your shoes kind of place, a vacation spot where anything goes. In fact, the motive of a vacation should be taking a break from everyday routine and protocols.

Holidaying in Negril will give you the opportunity to live life to its fullest. The famous 7 miles beach is easily accessible. Gracing the cover of many travel magazines, this beach has helped to propelled Negril as a top destination hub. With its clean azure blue waters, complimented by granite white and a back drop of lush green mountains, this beach is a site to see and a place to enjoy. The sunset in Negril is nothing less than fantastic. Negril is situated on the western tip of the island which allows a breath taking view of the sun going down in to the ocean. This has become a ritual for the locals and foreigners to gather in the evenings to watch the incredible and spectacular setting of the sun. The audience of this impressive exhibition of these majestic colors and hues seem to be always in amazement.

A Negril vacation usually brings out your nocturnal instinct. The partying and fun never ends. In fact the party is structured to a different location every night which makes it quite interesting. Although Kingston and Montego Bay is known for its big concerts such as Sting and Reggae Sumfest, Negril has been marshalling the way on smaller, up close and personal concerts on a weekly basis.

The food in Negril is just as good if not better than other places on the island. Negril’s food is of high quality because it is locating close to the area that produces most of Jamaica’s fresh fruits and vegetables. The numerous fishing beaches located in close proximity ensure freshness and bring truth to the saying “from the sea to the pot”. The local and international chefs that work in the local hotels and restaurants guarantee a blend of high quality.

Negril vacations are full of day time activities. This place will definitely suit the energetic vacationer who enjoys a bit of everything. Cliff diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, fishing, horseback riding, golfing and party boats are all available for your enjoyment. Another reason why this Jamaican vacation hub is so famous is due to its size. Been so small ensure easy and fast traveling from point A to B. It also facilitates the moving from one activity to another without much effort.

Stevert Mckenzie, Travel Enthusiast. Negril Vacations