Sugar Minott has died

Lincoln “Sugar” Minott born in Kingston Jamaica is a reggae music artist that stood the test of time has died. Sugar Minott started in the late 1960s in a group called The African Brothers with Tony Tuff and Derrick Howard. They released quite a number of songs until the mid 1970s they went separate ways. Sugar Minott was quite a versile musician he started working at studio one as a singer, guitarist and percussionist. During the mid to late 1970s his success was moderate in terms of his studio recordings. However, the dancehall trend was emerging during the early 1980s and Sugar Minott turned it on. He ruled supreme singing on many rhythms that were the new wave in the sessions. Up until is passing Sugar Minott was still is still a force to be reckon with. Sugar Minott you are a true Jamaican Legend.