Best Private Shore Excursion Jamaica

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  • Montego Bay Cruise Port Transportation
  • Private Transportation: Private Car $170 per day.
  • Private Group Transportation: 5 Passengers $190 per day
  • Private Group Transportation: 6 Passengers $240 per day
  • Best private group rate 7 to 10 passengers $1270 per day
  • Please contact us for larger groups.

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Thousands of folks visit Jamaica each year on cruises which are increasing becoming popular. The cruise companies do a very good job in marketing the local tours and excursions to these visitors who are at their mercy. For most part these excursions and tours are done on huge coaches with fifty or sixty other people herded in. We can all agree that traveling in large group do give a sense of security, but on the other on the other hand restricts the fun and excitement during the limited time on the island. Below are some points to consider before embarking on your cruise to Jamaica.
What to expect when doing shore excursion with the cruise liners.
1) There is no room for changes, because too many folks would have to agree to a change.

2) Like at work the place or anywhere else for that matter where there is a group setting, one has to adopt tolerance as there could be a few grumpy, absurd, rude individuals on board or sitting next to you. 

3) Going on these cruise liners planned excursions is more expensive than a our private tour if you have four or more in your group, spending more and doing or seeing less. 

4) These planned tours and excursions by the cruise company are rigid, it is hardly possible to just enjoy a spot or scenery a little more.

What to expect with a private tour company.

1) Jamaica is an easy going place and so stopping when you want and go as you please should and must be part of your Jamaica experience. 

2) Plan it together with a local, ensuring that the entire day is catered to you and your desires.

3) Private tours allow you to do more, see more and spend less. 

4) Get immersed into the local culture and feel the feel.

If you will be on a cruise I strongly suggest that some planning and research should be done prior to booking tours or excursions. There is an interesting world out there waiting to be discovered by you while on your short trip to the island.