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Cruises to the Caribbean are coming more frequent these days. Many vacationers are warming up to the idea of visiting  more counties on a cruise in a short space of time rather than resort type vacation. This could be pure economics; getting more for the dollar or simple for the experience could be either one or a combination of both. Many live by the old adage ‘variety is the spice of life’ and this could be lived by visiting the Caribbean on a cruise as it gives the opportunity of seeing a few countries and different cultures in just one vacation.
The other side of the coin is that some visitors complain that there is not enough time to explore and get a real feel of the cultures, because the 7 hrs of shore time at each port is hardly enough as time goes fast when one is having fun.
However all not lost, with proper planning, cruise passengers can have a fun-filled and exciting day by doing the things and visiting the places of one's interest. This can be accomplished by doing researches on each country prior to embarking on your Caribbean escapade. There are myriads of ways to enjoy oneself if proper research is done on things and places that are close to the port where your ship will make a call.
As it relates to Jamaica, there are 3 major cruise ship ports which are all located on the northern coast of the island in the resort towns of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Falmouth. By far the Falmouth port is the nicest and busiest and centrally located with Montego bay only thirty minutes west and Ocho Rios sixty minutes to its east.
Now-a-day’s all cruise ships offer shore excursions to many of Jamaica’s top attractions. These tours are done on large buses,they may well be very organized but are what most people term as cookie cutter, these tours are not personalized and more like one size fits all.
The alternative to that is to find a private company and explore Jamaica your way, getting a true experience of the county for less than what they charge on the big buses. Best Jamaica the most guest centered Tour Company in Jamaica provides this type service and is quite adept in customer satisfaction. If you will be on a Western Caribbean cruise which will be calling on a Jamaican port, Best Jamaica Shore Excursions could be of great use to you.