Jamaica Excursions

Doing some research before jetting off to Jamaica on your vacation is a good idea. Deciding what to do may take some time, and having an idea before you arrive is best. Doing research will give you a better idea of prices, distances and what to expect regarding the attractions. Without this one may become blind sided and end up paying too much on an excursion or never get to do or explore the most suited attractions.

Jamaica offers many wonderful ways to spend your time. There are numerous waterfalls, river activities such as rafting, kayaking, water boarding etc.  On the salty side there are the catamaran cruises, parasailing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving to name a few. 

There are other things which are off the beaten path that visitors to Jamaica may want to explore.  Many visitors of Jamaica want to meet the local people and have a local experience in order to get a better feel of what everyday Jamaican life is about.  There are also numerous attractions like the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios that are beautiful and growing popularity but still more of a hidden gem. 

Best Jamaica is one of those tour companies that takes great pleasure in helping visitors plan and customize their Jamaica experience. We understand that one size doesn't fit all, and we have built a reputation on our knowledge, creativity and flexibility. Our job is to help you enjoy the best of what Jamaica has to offer.  We encourage you to take advantage of our services! Even if you are staying in a large and all-inclusive hotel, you can still customize you vacation. If you come to Jamaica you must leave Jamaica…knowing Jamaica.