Reggae Music has made its way from a little island of only 4,411 square miles to the four corners of the earth. This music has gained such international fame that it supersedes the country’s popularity. The rhythms and sounds of this island are of exceptional quality, infusing a few music styles together.

It would appear that Jamaica have a penchant for creating popular music forms. As early as 1950s another type of music call Ska had gain international recognition. This music had found its way to the UK via the Jamaican and Caribbean immigrants. It then reaches out to the rest of the world feeding trough Britain.

Although the island is famous for many things none is better known than Reggae Music. The charismatic Bob Marley has contributed immensely to the music and the popularity of Jamaica. He is instantly identifiable throughout the world in voice or photos. Although he is no longer around physically his works lives on permeating the air with blissful sounds.

The 1977 album “Exodus” done by Bob Marley and the Wailers is said to be the album of the century. This is quite phenomenal because it shows how popular the music is. It is transcended through all boundaries to places where the English language is not even spoken.

One would have to conclude that it has to be the beat that most of the fans gravitate to. Most of the songs are sung in patois which is the Jamaican dialect which is not readily or easily understood. Then there is the drum and bass line, which although not overpowering the vocals could make it a bit difficult for the untrained ears.

The main instruments that are used to play reggae music are the drums, bass guitar, keyboards and horns. The making of the rhythms are confined to only these instruments as other minor instruments are usually included.

The drumbeats play a significant role; in fact on all the rhythm track the emphasis is place on beat three. However, you can hear the drums on beat one or two as well depend on how creative the musicians are.

Without the bass guitar this music would not be possible, along with the drums they are the two most dominant instruments. The base line is thick and heavy giving the music its unique sound. The rhythm guitar normally plays on the beat two and four. Caribbean Vacations

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