The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a very hot commodity on the world market. Notable for being full bodied, its enchanting aroma as well as the great impact it has on the palate, which is manifested in a lack of bitterness, it fetches top price and is in extremely high demand. In order to maintain the eminence of the product, the ideal temperatures and biodiversity is ensured at all times throughout the growth of the crop. Blue Mountain Coffee is grown on the Blue Mountains of Jamaica which peaks at 7,403 ft. At this altitude the average temperature is approximately 65 degrees. This coupled with the climatic conditions and the natural organic materials which exist there contribute to its superior quality.

What exactly is coffee? Well, coffee bean is actually a berry that grows on a shrub. These shrubs thrive best in the tropics under temperate climatic conditions. The ideal temperatures under which coffee thrives would be anywhere from 60 to 80 degrees. Lower temperatures will cause damage to the foliage as well as the trunks of the plants, while higher temperature slows the growth. The beans depend greatly on the outer part of the fruit throughout the maturity process. In order to achieve the ideal taste and distinctive aroma, a climate that has a big swing between day and night temperatures must be present to facilitate a slower maturity process.

Stevert Mckenzie, Travel Enthusiast. Jamaican Coffee