The Jamaican cuisine is a fantastic experience which could tantalize the taste buds of the most fastidious person. For many people, accepting taste and flavors outside of their culture can be extremely difficult. Generally some dishes are liked immediately while others could take one's pallet some time to get use to.

In many ways a country's cuisine is a direct reflection of its environments, people and things within. The weather, people, history, and the neighboring countries influence the culture and also the supply and demand. These are just some of the things that play great significance in the development of a country's cuisine.

The Jamaican cuisine is rooted in many different cultures. It is strongly influenced by Africans, Indians, Europeans and the Tainos Indians. The characteristics of these dishes is the art of combining the luscious tropical fruits, tubers, staples, vegetables, fish and meats that are available on the island. These are then complimented by the many spices and herbs exuding their flavors.

Our taste buds allow us to taste bitter, salt, sour and sweet. Most of the things eaten by us we actually smelling the flavor rather than tasting them. Have you ever notice that when you are having a cold and the nasal passage is blocked it is really difficult to get anything to taste right? A combination of taste, smell, texture and temperature allow us to identify what we are eating.

However, getting us to the Jamaican cuisine is quite easy, as you may have already became acquainted with many of the spices and flavors. The dishes are truly tropical with many of the ingredients are fresh from the tree to kitchen. The infusion of Mediterranean, Asian, African and European influenced the dishes and give the Jamaican food its uniqueness.

Stevert Mckenzie, Travel Enthusiast.