Jamaica is known internationally for long list things ranging from the best Caribbean island paradise to been a country packed with athletics talents. These days Jamaica is making international headlines as the country that reigns supreme in world sprints.

However, perhaps one of the first best known products of Jamaica is reggae music . Long before the present form of this music was develop there where other types which the world took a liking for as well.

Ska Music was the first of the modern Jamaican music. Ska evolved out of Mento and American R&B. During the dark days, slaves which were brought from Africa who had musical talent were often required to entertain their masters. Hence, Mento music was formed which is a fusion of African and European sounds.

It then lead to Ska music which was created for dancing a bit up tempo but very close to its predecessor with similar acoustic sound. By the beginning of the early 1960s the up tempo beat was slowing down considerable and evolving was a different form call Rocksteady.

Then the big one came the big one in the early 1970s. Reggae music came along and the world responded resoundingly. To the benefit of this from of Jamaican music came the legend Bob Marley who took it across the globe.

Today reggae music is a world force in every aspect. Bob Marley’s 1977 album “Exodus” was name the album of the century. Reggae concerts have been sold out all over the world with massive audience. In fact Bob Marley drew a crowd of 100,000 patrons for his concert in Milan, Italy.

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