Treasure Bay Jamaica

Treasure Beach is an area on the south coast consists of three bays popularly known as Treasure Bay Jamaica. This is one of Jamaica’s best kept secret for many years as it is epitome of Jamaica.

The Treasure Bay Jamaica is an agricultural area with a string of fishing beaches as well wonderful people.However, Treasure Beach Jamaica is more than that; it is a place where community tourism thrives. It’s a place where the people are extremely friendly; it is a place where you will be welcome with open arm and feel part of the society.

Treasure Bay Jamaica is also known for fishing. There are some Cays that are located about 60 miles of the main coast off the main coast where many fishermen goes to get their catch. The banks that surrounded these islands are fertile making them very popular with fishermen.

Treasure Bay Jamaica is situated close to many famous attractions. Negril Jamaica is only an hour away, and then there are YS Falls and the Appleton Estate Rum Factory which are all in close proximity. The Montego Bay Airport is only an hour and half away making Treasure Beach Jamaica an ideal vacation hideout.

If you already try the rest the other places, the Montego Bays, the Ocho Rios, the Negrils then it could be a good time to try the best Treasure Beach Jamaica. Here you will get to enjoy Jamaica in peace and tranquility. Another upside is that you get to know us better. Treasure Bay Jamaica is the ultimate choice.

If you are more incline to stay at the traditional places then a day or two at Treasure Beach Jamaica is well worth it. You will never be disappointed at this quaint seaside town. There are many friendly people waiting to enthrall you with their warmed and affection.