Jamaican cuisine the Ital way:

Ital cooking is a type of Jamaican cuisine developed by the Rastafarian faith who believed that natural foods, herbs and vegetables are the way to go. Rastafarians doesn’t practice the consumption of meat and foods that are produced by synthetic chemicals.

Today Ital cuisine is well sort after in Jamaica and else where throughout the world. Credit must be given to the Rastafarian elders who created dishes to that fit into their beliefs.
At first Rastafarians was ridicule by locals as many people were ignorant to many healthy lifestyles. However, it came to past when these same people are being thoroughly warned by doctors to eat the healthier.

The revelation is that Rastafarians has introduced healthy recipes into the Jamaican cuisine. The no meat, dairy products and chemically produce foods surely has being adopted by many. Eating lots of raw foods was Rastafarian forte. Now we see conventional nutritionists recommending that 75% of ones complete diet should be raw foods.

Past generations had planted lots of fruit trees in Jamaica that continues to produce. They produce naturally without any fertilizer about from what naturally occurs over the years due to break down of organic materials. While many people don’t stop to think about it, but they are having nature’s best. These produce are marketed elsewhere as organic and fetch higher prices than normal.

Ital cooking brings another dimension in the Jamaican cuisine which makes it truly interesting. As the saying goes that prevention is better than cure, let your food be your medicine. Ital cuisine is just that.