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Best Luminous Lagoon Tour Jamaica

Book your Luminous Lagoon Tours with us and get the most out of your vacation. Located in Falmouth Jamaica, the Luminous Location is very accessible to all. Although it’s a boat ride to get to the most luminous part of the lagoon it’s not more than a 5 minutes from the shore.

The Luminous Lagoon is a body of water where millions of microorganisms live. They emit a light whenever the water is agitated which is a neon-blue. It is said that there are only four places in the world where this actually occurs and the one here on the island is the most luminous of them all.

If you are already here it’s not too late or if you are planning a trip to Jamaica, make this one of the things to do here on the island. It is an evening tour which hardly gets in the way of other things.

At LuminousLagoon Tour Jamaica, we believe that your time with us is of utmost importance. We see ourselves as the Guardian of Your Satisfaction, creating beautiful Jamaica memories.