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The Royalton brand is one of the fastest growing hotel chain in the Caribbean. Airport transfer to these luxurious properties is one of the Hallmarks of Best Jamaica the most guest centered Tour Company on the island. The Royalton White Sands is situated just a mere 35 minutes east of the resort town of Montego Bay and is easily accessible.

The Royalton resorts are owned by Sun Wing Airline; the carrier seems to have a special liking for Jamaica offering nonstop flights from Canada. For this reason, the Royalton properties are among of the most potent player in the tourism market.

Airport Transfer Royalton White Sands

The stake in the Jamaican market place is impressive; Sun Wing owns and operates three beautiful resorts on the paradise island. The Royalton White Sands was the first, then, the Royalton Blue Waters and most recently, the addition of the Royalton Negril.

The Royalton Blue Waters is neighbor to the Royalton White Sands; actually, they are on adjoining properties. There is easy access from one to the other, making these properties one of the most sought after on the market. Private Airport Transfer to these beautiful properties is available from Best Jamaica. Travel time to Royalton White Sands and Blue Waters is approximately 30 minutes with interesting sites to see while on the way there. Journeying to the Royalton Negril will take about 80 minutes. This resort is situated on the famous Seven Mile Beach in Negril making it the envy of the others. There is no reason to become concerned about the travel time; the scene is quite beautiful, and you will soon realize that it will be worth it after all. Best Jamaica provides high-quality and low cost Private Airport Transfer service to the Royalton Negril it’s a journey which promises to be interesting and engaging. Booking your Private Transfer to either of the three Royalton properties is easy.

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