Blue Hole Ocho Rios Jamaica

Blue Hole Secret Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica.

Splendid, magnificent, impressive, marvelous, wonderful, fabulous, super, impressive, grand, majestic, splendid and extraordinary are just some of the adjectives that is used to described the natural phenomenal: Blue Hole, a water fall and river situated just outside of Ocho Rios.

Jamaica is blessed with many rivers; in fact approximately one hundred and twenty of them with most of them originating in the center of the island and emptying into the Caribbean Sea.

Two thirds of the island’s land surface is covered with limestone, thus making most of the terrain hilly and uneven. These lime stones also provides underground aqueducts and sinkholes that permits different watercourses to meet up and resurface bigger as they find their way to the coastline.

The Blue Hole Secret Falls is a classic beneficiary of this natural occurrence. The source of the water originates in the hills, makes it way towards the coastline and interacting with the limestones which is evident in the blueness of the water. 

 The deep blue color of the Secret Falls is almost surreal. It’s inviting, refreshing and surely great for river frolicking. Of course there are many water falls in Jamaica, the land that was called: Xaymaca by the Arawak  Indians, the indigenous people of Jamaica. Incidentally, the word Xaymaca means “Land of Wood and Water” which epitomizes the many rivers on the island

  The Blue Hole Secret Falls is a great place     for a Day Excursion. It offers diving,          swimming,  jumping, rope swings and cave  exploration. It  has many pools with different  dept from  shallow to deep, and small to large   in size and  narrow to wide. It is a must visit    at  least once  especially since it is not as    commercialized as  some of the others. It’s a    secret you must  discover.