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Private Airport Transportation to Royalton White Sand Beach.

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Royalton White Sand Beach, located in Falmouth, Jamaica is the perfect spot for creating unforgettable memories on your family vacation. This luxurious, all-inclusive resort boasts a stunningly beautiful property, has very engaging recreational options, and offers much fun and excitement; the food is reported to be great, with options of various cuisines.
Situated just 35 minutes drive from the airport, travelling on the smoothly paved A1 Northern Coastal Highway; you will be there before you can think about it.

Best Jamaica, the most guest-centered Tour Company on the island offers top quality, worry-free private airport transfers to the Royalton White Sand Beach. Don’t leave your transportation from Montego Bay airport to the Royalton to chance, start your Jamaica escape off on the right foot.

After having to wait so long for your vacation date to finally come; you definitely would not want to waste precious time at the airport waiting. Instead, you want to be on your way, and off to the fun in the sun; vacations are always too short anyway. Wouldn’t you agree? Maximizing your time on the island is of paramount importance; it only makes sense. This is where Best Jamaica comes in; providing high quality private airport shuttle service to the Royalton White Sand Beach.

Q: Do you provide child seats on your private shuttle service to the Royalton White Sand?
A: Yes, we certainly do. One of our priorities is safety, so we do provide complimentary child seats for our precious little guests traveling with us on all our Montego Bay Airport Transfers.

Q: As it relates to payment, what form of payment do you accept and when payment is due?
A: Best Jamaica offers three (3) easy payment options, payment can be made in cash on the day of your transfer when you arrive safely at the Royalton White Sand Beach; payment with a credit card when you arrive in Jamaica, and the third option is payment in advance via PayPal.

Q: Do you offer private tours from the Royalton White Sand Beach?
A:  Yes we certainly do. Best Jamaica, the most guest-centered Tour Company do offer top quality private transportation to your favorite activities and attractions anywhere in Jamaica.

Q: How far from the airport is the Royalton White Sand Beach Resort?
A: The Royalton is approximately 35 minutes travelling east of the airport.