Montego Bay Private Transportation

    Private Airport Transfer Taxi to Holiday Inn Montego Bay

Holiday Inn Montego Bay is one of the better known family friendly resorts in Jamaica catering to parents and children alike. The resort is situated just east of the Montego Bay Airport and is a short and accessible ride.

The travel to the resort will not be a challenge as there are numerous taxi services available at the Montego Bay Airport. Booking a private transportation online is also quite easy as there are hundreds if not thousands of choices online. 

Nevertheless, we understand that vacations are important; they usually cost quite a bit to plan and execute, and for most part they take a long while to come around again. Considering the arduous planning involved in making the experience of your vacation as memorable as you want it to be every detail is important. Leaving your land transportation in the hands of the resort may not make for the pleasant memories you desire to create.

Best Jamaica is committed to guarding your satisfaction as you vacation on our beautiful island. We operate the best private airport taxi service in Montego Bay and more interestingly, our rates are great.  In fact, our private transfer rates from MBJ airport to the Holiday Inn start at an incredible price of only $50 round trip.

                                                  Frequently Ask Question:

Q: Do you provide complimentary child seats on our private transfers or we must bring our own?
A: Best Jamaica, the most guest-centered Tour Company on the island does provide complementary child seats at no additional cost.

Q: Do we need to change our money to the local currency or USD is accepted.   A: The Jamaican Dollar is the legal tender. However, the USD is widely used; in fact all businesses that are geared to tourism will quote you rates in USD.

Q: How far is Scotchies from the Holiday Inn?A: Scotchies is located within close proximity of the Holiday Inn; about a 5 minutes’ walk.

Q: Is the service private or we will be traveling with others in the vehicle? A: All our airport transfers to and from the Holiday Inn are private.

Q: Do you offer tours to the Blue Hole Secret Falls in Ocho Rios? A: Yes, certainly. Best Jamaica, the most guest-centered Tour Company does offer private tours to the Blue Hole Secret Falls.

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