Blue Hole The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Jamaica

The Blue Hole situated in the small pastoral community called Lodge about 30 minutes south east of the resort town of Ocho Rios and is the new tourist attraction sensation in Jamaica. Although is as old as Jamaica one would assume, it was mainly reserved for the locals from that area and the few outsiders who knew about it called it, for this reason it is also known as Secret Falls.

Jamaica is blessed with a plethora of rivers; in fact there about 120 of them almost equally disperse throughout the island. These rivers generally start in the central hilly areas of Jamaica and then flow towards the coastal area emptying into the Caribbean Sea. Ocho Rios and its environs seem to be blessed abundantly with these rivers, in fact the very name ‘Ocho Rios’ means eight rivers in Spanish.

If you will be visiting Jamaica in the future and will be staying on the northern coastal area, the Blue Hole should be on the list of things to do and see. Unlike many of the other waterfalls it is not as touristy as yet and is still in its pristine state which one can appreciate. The Blue Hole has many deep blue natural pools that just beckon you to take a plunge.  

The Blue Hole is a very interactive waterfall. It allows swimming, diving, rope-jumping, exploration of the caves and just simple river frolics. Because it is still unspoiled there is a bit of hiking to access and explore the river completely. The pathways are very well maintained by the local boys who also offer their services as a falls guide.  The entrance fee as it stands now is $10 per person which include you getting a personal falls guide to help you have the best time ever in Jamaica. The Blue Hole is phenomenal; don’t miss out on seeing this spectacular masterpiece you will be happy you did.