Montego Bay Jamaica The Tourist Capital of Jamaica.

Known as Jamaica's second city and nestled on the northwestern region of Jamaica with a population of approximately 150,000 people; it is the number one vacation spot on the island. Montego Bay Jamaica is a city that is filled with vibrance, color, and spirit. The name Montego Bay was derived from the word “Manteca” which is the Spanish word for lard. This area was the main hunting ground for wild hogs which the Spaniards used to make “hog butter”. Hence, on some historic maps Montego Bay is shown as Lard Bay.

Dr. Mcatty a local doctor from Montego Bay, is said to be credited for the early tourism years in the city because he believed that the now illustrious Doctors Cave Beach had healing proprieties and so in the early 1920s wealthy aristocrats from various parts of the world  visited this beautiful beach for its medicinal benefits.

Despite not being the biggest city in Jamaica, Montego Bay plays an integral role in the country's economy. It is home to Jamaica's busiest airport and seaport alike. This flamboyant city is nicknamed “the gateway of the Caribbean” with flight connections to and from other neighboring islands.  Kingston is originally known as the reggae capital of the world; however Montego Bay has become the host city of the biggest reggae festival. It was home to Jamaica's biggest reggae show “Reggae Sunplash” for 16 years before being relocated to Kingston. The show was however brought back to Montego Bay after it was replaced by “Reggae Sumfest”, which is now the greatest reggae show on earth. Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival formally called the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival; an annual event that attracts a fine blend of international and local artists also takes place on the shores of Montego Bay.

Montego Bay hotels are also rated among the best and provide a wide range of prices to suit one's pocket. Visitors will find that it is quite easy to locate a Montego Bay Resort to fit their vacation needs and staying in a resort situated on one of the Montego Bay beaches is also an option. There is also a wide range of bars, shops, in-bond stores, craft-markets and restaurants in close proximity which are provided to cater to visitor’s need of purchasing souvenirs at the best deals.