Best Jamaica Excursions and Tours

Jamaica one of the more popular tourist destination in the Caribbean has a plethora of things to do. Jamaica as you know is an island and is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea which is responsible for the many beautiful tropical beaches. The island is also mountainous which makes it very picturesque, the form beautiful back drops and also afford stunning views from these great heights.

There are many excursions to keep anyone active while vacationing here on the island.  Many of these excursions are situated in the Ocho Rios; however not confining to this area only, Negril and the Southern Coast of Jamaica do have their fair share as well attractions as well.

Montego Bay is rather attractive because of its location. Situated in the center of these three areas it is easy to do the best Jamaica excursions while sojourning in Montego Bay. Ocho Rios is situated ninety minutes east of Montego Bay and some of the Best Jamaica excursions are located in this general area. Some of the more popular ones are the Dunn’s River Falls, Blue Hole (Secret Falls), the White River, River Rapids, Green Grotto Caves and more.

Negril on the western side of Montego Bay is just an hour away; some of the best excursions in Jamaica are located in this beach resort town. The world famous Rick’s cafĂ© is a great place to visit for cliff diving and watching a beautiful sunset, the mineral spring located in Brighton just 25 minutes out of Negril. However, probable the most famous attraction is the 7 mile beach with its crystal clear water and granite white sands.

The South Coast is pretty close by as well and in about 90 minutes after departing from Montego Bay you should be on the southern coast of Jamaica. Here one will find YS Falls which is another of Jamaica’s splendid water-falls, the Black River Safari known for its wild life. Also one can take a visit to Floyd’s Pelican Bar with is a wooden bar made out in the Caribbean Sea. However for the ones that enjoys a drink of Jamaican rum a visit to the Appleton Estate Rum Factory is a must.