Jamaica The Land Of Activities.

From a plantation-estate past to a party-filled present, Jamaica's attractions run the full spectrum. Those in search of total relaxation can enjoy nature, beaches, and history, while those looking for excitement can seek out adventure tours and activities. There is another side to the island, however.  In addition to the popular tourist scene, there are many hidden treasures that offer the experience of local beauty and culture that remain off the beaten path.

Negril, also called the capital of casual, is one of the most popular beach towns in Jamaica.  Visitors are typically familiar with the more favored attractions, such as the all-inclusive resorts, Seven Mile beach, the stunning cliffs overhanging the Caribbean, and Rick’s Cafe, the best place to watch the sunset.  However, off the beaten path, is a magnificent mineral spring called the Blue Hole.  Located just 25 minutes southeast of Negril, the Blue Hole Mineral Spring rests beneath a cavernous opening in Jamaica’s terrain and is completely encased by Karst limestone. The naturally occurring minerals in the limestone act as an underground filter for the steady upwelling of water, leaving behind a luxuriously pure bath of minerals for guests to enjoy. 
Ocho Rios, situated in St Ann which is nicknamed the “garden parish,” is a very popular tourist destination.  Located on the northern coast of Jamaica, Ocho Rios offers panoramic views of lush green mountains, warm sandy beaches, teal blue waters, and an abundance of waterfalls.   While the more commercial activities include visiting Dunn’s River, ATV and Jeep Safari tours, ziplining, kayaking and horseback riding, there is an unknown treasure that waits quietly just outside of this resort town, called the Blue Hole at Secret Falls.  The striking beauty of these falls and the vibrant blue 
waters are both soothing and refreshing.  The upper falls offers a short hike through a dark and stunning rainforest, along the river to the falls.  There is much thrill and fun to be had jumping into the Blue Hole from the upper falls.  The lower falls offers the same magnificent view and swinging rope into the water.

The Shaw Park Gardens is a local gem as well.   This beautiful, 25 acre botanical garden is located in the hills above Ocho Rios and features about 600 species of flower along with many ferns and shrubs. The entrance to Shaw Park is some 900 feet above sea level, giving a spectacular view of Ocho Rios from the top of the gardens. The park is then tiered over many levels, meaning that many different plants which thrive at different altitudes can be grown here. The garden is home to a majestic waterfall, which cascades down a rocky bank, surrounded by many gorgeous flowers.

When planning your visit to Jamaica, be sure to include these hidden treasures.  Best Jamaica offers customized tours to these hidden treasures.