Rockland Bird Sanctuary.

The Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is one of Jamaica’s most unique attractions. Located in Anchovy, about 20 minutes outside of Montego Bay, this quaint little house, is reportedly home to over 200 species of birds.

Rocklands was originally established by Lisa Salmon, one of Jamaica's first environmentalists. ‘The bird lady" as she was sweetly called, purchased the Rocklands property in 1954. She spent her time here painting, writing and feeding the birds. This home soon began to attract various species of birds.  In 1962, Miss Salmon opened Rocklands to the public. Sadly, Lisa passed away in 2000 at the age of 96 but her love of birds and legacy live on. Rocklands is now operated by Lisa's nephew and managed by Fritz, who has been working there over 15 years and has an eye for spotting the birds that settle in the surrounding trees.

The Bird Sanctuary attracts hundreds of colorful and beautiful birds that you may see each day. As you stroll around the property watching for birds and looking at flora,  you will notice the peacefulness and serenity that invite these wild and free birds to take up residence here.  You also have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these little beauties while they tweet happy songs and show off the plumage.

Certainly, the highlight of Bird Sanctuary is being able    to feed the wild hummingbirds right out of the  palm  of  your hand. You will be given a small bottle of sugar  water, which attracts the birds that land all   around you.  The joy and thrill of having one of 

these birds perching  on your finger and drinking
from a bottle is truly awesome, once in a lifetime experience.

Also, remember to bring your camera!  You should not pass up the opportunity to take a photo with Jamaica’s national bird, the stunning Doctorbird.   There are many of them here as well.

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, especially the Montego Bay area, the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is an absolute MUST!  You will enjoy the exquisite beauty of the birds, the calm and tranquil environment and leave feeling a deeper connection to nature with an experience of a lifetime.