The world’s most famous rums are distinctly Caribbean. There are some historical facts that lead us to believe that the sugar cane juice was been fermented into an alcoholic beverage in China and India many centuries ago. According to the great explorer Marco Polo, during the 14th century a very good tasting wine made from sugar known as “brum" was offered to him in the country that is now known as Iran .

However, we have came a long way since then and getting to the smooth great tasting liquor that is enjoyed throughout the world was first made in Barbados. This is supported by recorded data dated back to 1651 when rum was known as rumbullion. It was also described as kill-devil, a hot, hellish terrible liquor.

Although Barbados was the first Caribbean country to produce this product, Jamaica was the first to do so commercially. The production methods and end products were quite primitive compare to what we have now. Jamaica and Barbados are not the only islands that produce this wonderful product commercially. It has spread its tentacles throughout the Caribbean , Central and South America , Australia , Fiji , the Philippines , India and among others.

Just as how all the Caribbean islands have their own culture which is unique and diverse so does the rums that are produce here. The diverse ranges of rums all do have distinct characters. Each island employs its own distillery, blending and aging techniques. While others are characterized by their own local conditions such as climate, terrain, and the variety of sugar cane. However, one factor that is common throughout is the never ending commitment and passion to their craft of creating quality rums.

The Appleton rum factory in Jamaica has been doing a great job in the area of aging. They do have some product on the market aged for 21 years in oak barrels. Another product is the blend of aged rum that is as old as 30 years. Cuba also offers aged rum up to 15 years. The next time you are in the Caribbean why not experience the smooth taste of authentic Caribbean rums?