Jamaica vacations a happy destination.

Jamaica a Happy Place

News just out that Jamaica is now the third happiest country in the world according to the Happy Planet Index published by Britain’s New Economics Foundation. Despite its many economical challenges Jamaica once again has risen to the occasion.

Could this be the reason why Jamaica enjoys such a high level of returning visitors? Jamaica is quite famous as a vacation paradise but now seems that goes well beyond the beautiful weather and the azure blue waters.

Is it that the locals are emitting good positive energies that visitors found infectious? No one likes to be around sad people and Jamaican seems to smile for everything. The unofficial motto of Jamaica is “no problem” even when there is a big one.

Whatever the reasons are, Jamaica vacations are gaining traction daily which is quite good to see. So the next time you deciding on taking a vacation make it a Jamaica vacation. Let us indulge you with our happiness and inoculate you with our warm and infectious smile. One love Jamaica no problem.

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